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It is a book that will resonate not only with those who suffer from bulimia, but with anyone who knows anyone who has – parents, friends, partners. And whilst it deals with something destructive, Finding Sarah is ultimately a story of courage and inspiration.

- Megan (Wordsworth)

The book flows and is well-written, and you will not put down until you've finished it! Taking a real-life story and shaping it into a gripping page-turner shows that the author is extremely talented - and that truth really is stranger

than fiction.

- Tali (Talivision)


Zephany (E).jpg

Larry Joe shares his compelling life story of rehabilitation, transformation and musical creativity in the hope it will inspire others to turn away from a path of violence, gangsterism, drugs and alcohol. His achievements are an inspiration to us all. 

- Danny K (Musician and co-founder of The Shout Foundation)

“A light-hearted narrative that comments on the crisis elements and boldly goes in search of answers”

- Exclusive Books

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