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The Crazy Life of Larry Joe
A journey on the Streets and Stage
Meet Larry Joe. Larry is an ex-gangster and an ex-convict. He is also a singer, songwriter, performer and motivational speaker. And he has an extraordinary story to tell.

In this inspiring biography, Larry Joe relives his youth spent between abusive parents, rival gangs and brazen addiction. He stole his first loaf of bread at age five and his descent into a life of crime was virtually guaranteed. Eventually, Larry found himself on the run from the law, living on the streets of Cape Town and busking to earn money.


Just as things seemed hopeless, Larry chose to rewrite his destiny. He turned himself into the police to face the music. As a prisoner, Larry continued his metamorphosis by channelling his anger, hopes and dreams into music. Then fate lent a hand in the form of Aron Turest-Swartz – founder of South African music sensation Freshlyground. Aron saw Larry perform at a prison concert, co-produced an album with him at the Douglas Correctional Facility, and ultimately helped him to walk out of jail and onto the stage.

This is the story of one man’s journey away from certain self-destruction towards personal freedom. It is the story of South Africa and the challenges of transition from old to new. Larry’s openness about the ravages of his past, his collaboration with Aron, and his new life as a musician and educator make for a riveting read and are an inspiration for anyone who wants to believe in second chances.

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